Quarry Creations Granite

Hand Sculpted GRANITE 

Cutting & Serving Boards
(Heat, Chill or Freeze to serve hot or cold food for hours!)
Lazy Susans
(Chill or Freeze to serve hot and cold food)
Oil Lamps
(For your Home & Patio)


We convert what would otherwise be waste materials or useless products into NEW ART & USABLE PRODUCTS to help save our environment.
Don't Trash Our Future

All of our work is handcrafted by us and unique. 
This means your piece is
a one of a kind and can never be duplicated.

Items on this webpage are samples of our work and
not necessarily available to purchase.

QUESTIONS - quarrycreations@gmail.com

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Check this schedule weekly as shows may be added or changed.
Booth locations may be added when assigned
Please email us any additional details of shows.


1 - St. Robert Parish, Flushing, MI

7,8  Little Bear Arena, St Ignas, MI

22 ,23   Ghost Town, Findlay, Ohio
              Location- Clover farm store or outside tent.
28.29.30  Shepherd Syrup Festival Shepard , MI


6,7  Springtime in Ohio Handcock Co Fairgrounds, Findlay, Ohio

12,13,14  Mesick Mushroom Festival Antique & Flea Market, Mesick MI

19,20,21  Boyne City National Mushroom Festival, Boyne City

27,28  Tawas Shoreline Park, Tawas MI

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